Duct Tape Hair Bows and Bracelets!

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I have wanted to make a huge bow headband for a long time!
Like a super long time.
I like big bows and I cannot lie...

My problem was what material would be stiff enough?
But let's start small...and work our way up!

We bought 
(ya, no one knocking down the door giving me free product...yet)
Teal and Pink Duct tape...
For a small pigtail bow, begin with a strip about 8 inches long.
and fold the sides into the center...this can get frustrating 
if the tape sticks where it isn't suppose to!

Do 2 pieces for each side.
The second piece is just simple folded in half.

And then snips cut out on each side

The first folded over strip is then gathered and 
bunched on top of the cutout strip.

A small piece is cut and edges folded in
(like sewing...hems)
And then wrapped around the bow!

Like so!

So cute!  I love the faux vintage patent leather look to them!

I simply hot glued hair clips to the backs...

Same steps for the teal ones, minus the extra strip!
These would be so cute as shoe clips!

And perfect for pigtails!

High or low.

For the killer bow headband:
Stick strips and strips together to make a wide sheet of duct tape fabric!

Fold half over to the center.
Repeat on other side.

Like so.

Trim the edges.
Mine is 10 inches wide!
 Take the sheet of duct tape fabric and gather it in the center.
 like this.

Wrap with a center strip like on the small bows!

Insert it onto a headband...hot glue into place.

Love these!  Could not be happier with how they turned out!

And then for fun, using the same technique...we made a bracelet!

Why do I like big bows so much...
Since I saw Alice in Wonderland...the first time...when I was 6
 Since my days as a Powerpuff girl...when I was 16...
And now, thanks to Applebloom from My Little Pony!

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Sondra said…
I LOVE big bows too! Your post is so cute, great bows :)
Awesome idea! I love them! Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional :-)
Unknown said…
love this! going to be very helpful next weekend at my art class!

feel free to check out my fashion blog! I just wrote a post about cute ideas for earrings!