Unicorn Horn Headbands!

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Unicorn Horn Headbands!
You'll look just like Rarity or Princess Celestia
 with this easy Unicorn Horn Headband!
Here's the pattern.
Print it out if you want and cut them out...or just eyeball it.
Cut out 2 ears, one horn.
You will also need:
headband (I only use black metal headbands)
White felt circle
Gold decorative rope
Cotton balls
Scissors, hot glue/gun
Add a little hot glue at the base of the ears and pinch them together.
Reverse the second ear and repeat the gluing process.
Glue down the top and side of the horn felt.
Roll it over and press onto the felt.
Hot glue the gold rope inside the top.
Fill the horn with cotton...or cotton balls if you
can't find your cotton batting like me ;)
Fill it up so it is firm but not bulging.
Add hot glue around the base of the horn.

Press it onto your felt circle.
Swirl the rope down and around the horn, gluing periodically.
Now you have the ears and the horn ready for headband installation.
Just hot glue them right on.
The ears feel like they are going on pretty low...but try it on your
 head and mark with a sharpie where the ears would
 look best...then glue them there.
Glue on the horn....
Then take a needle and thread to make it more secure.
I think it would be fine just glued for a simple costume or Halloween...
but to really keep the horn secure...stitch it on.
Just lash it back and forth around the headband to keep it in place.
Same process on the ears.
Looks like the perfect headpiece for a fashionista like Rarity!
These are darling and would make great party
 favors for a My Little Pony themed Party!
Come back tomorrow for more pony themed fun!!!

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