Mad Hatter Mini Top Hat Headband!

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6:00 AM
 Mad Hatter Mini Top Hat Headband!
 Take some felt.
Any color will do...we had black.
Trace a circle for the brim.

I used a roll of tape for size.

Then cut a rectangle for the tall part...

Roll it together and make sure it's the size you want before gluing it in place.
Then hot glue it.

Trace the rectangle tube to make 
a circle for the top of the hat.
 Hot glue the top on.

 Then fill the hat with stuffing so it doesn't get smooshed flat.

 Run some hot glue along the edges and stick it on the brim.

 Like so.

 Then decorate!
We added lace, netting and a flower!
 Then hot glue it on the headband...
 Let it cool off, and wear it!

Love it!
You could do it bright colors and topsy turvy just like the mad hatter!



Shelby said…
Can i just say I want to be you when i grow up! I love your craftiness! When i get married and have a family i want to be a stay at home mom and be crafty!