Rapunzel Braided Hair Clip!

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 Do it yourself Rapunzel Braided hair clips for girls!
Because we all LOVE Rapunzel...
But we can't all look like her...

 Or get dressed up like her...

We did the little girl approved DIY version!

 First, we had 2 friends and their mom come over and play.
We wrapped 3 huge bolts of yarn around the legs of chairs,
upside down.
They were 5 feet apart for my daughter who is tallest.
then 1 that was 4 feet, 1 that was 46 inches...
 Once we had the bundles, we used ponytail holders to tie off one end.
"That's a lot of hair"...I mean, yarn.
 We took one bundle and split it into thirds.
we had the girls help with some tiny braids
 to run through the big braid.
 Once they are done, we ponytailed them off at the bottom.
 We left the bottoms sort of uneven, to make it that much longer.
The girls got a pile of flowers to decorate their braids with!
 Once they had them arranged, I went around and
hot glued all their flowers on!
 Then we cut 2 ovals of felt and glued the top of the braid...
 Sandwiched them together and glued them securely...
 Glued on a hair clip...
And covered the felt with a huge pink flower!
 Put in a high and tight ponytail and clipped in their Rapunzel braid!
Depending on where you put their ponytail makes the braid longer or shorter...
 Huge success!   She wore it all day!
They are kind of heavy...but so fun!  I tried it out too!

***...if I were to do this again...I wouldn't hot glue all
 those flowers on...I would use her current flowery hair
 clips and clip them on, this could
double as a hair bow holder!...***



Ha what a cute idea! Looks like they loved it :-) Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!
What a fantastic idea! My kids love to play Rapunzel. This would also make a convenient hair clip storage spot! I would be happy to have you share this and any other idea you would like to link up to "One Creative Weekend" at OneCreativeMommy.com.
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Oh my goodness, how fun. I would love to have been there having all that girly fun with you! Thanks for sharing this at my par-tay!

Warmly, Michelle
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