Crazy Bird Lady Headbands!

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6:00 AM
Check out these CRAZY bird lady headbands my daughter and I made!
We got these little cardinals at the dollar store right after they were half price...25 cents a bird!
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We just wrapped the wires on their feet around a metal headband...
Hot glued it in place and to keep the wires from being pokey.  
We made matching ones...
Cute and creepy--right?

Cute and a great hairdo for a picnic!

My daughter wore hers to church.
Seriously, if you ever feel like you need some attention...wear a bird headband.  
People couldn't get enough of it!  
They love her ultra bubbly and congenial personality anyways,
 but lets just say that bird was the icing on the cake!

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Anonymous said…
Oh my...I was laughing so hard, I had tears! Priceless!!
lutrinae said…
Oh my God!!!! The close up picture of the headband and the wires wrapped around came up in a google search and I about had a heart attack because I thought it was a real bird!!! Glad I checked the website and found out it wasn't real ;)