Grinch Movie Inspired Cindy Lou Who Teacup Headbands!

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  We had a Christmas breakfast at our church...the kids all love to dress up!
 So we did our favorite theme, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
The Grinch in his Santa hat, Max the dog, and Cindy Lou Who--complete with teacup headband!

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 We love How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
well, I love the Dr. Seuss...the movie is maybe not
my favorite ever, but I watch it once a year.
But Oh honey, do love the costumes in the movie!

We've done the Cindy Lou Who hairdo a few years now...
It's easy.  It only takes slightly longer than just a simple ponytail...
and a small paper cup!

 Here's the Teacup headband I've wanted to recreate for a long time!

 Here's how we did it!
My darling daughter got these for a birthday gift...tiny teacups!
(thanks to her aunt Janell)...and since she has another set, she allowed me
to cannibalize these ones!
And we made 3.
Take some sculpey, fimo or other brand of 
Bake Hard Polymer Clay...white and red.
 Just as small piece of each rolled into long snakes...
Twisted together
Rolled out smooth...cut and curved to make
 an adorable little candy cane!
 Or 4+...I just used all the clay that I began with...
Baked according to the instructions until hard.

 Next, bust out the E6000 and glue the cup to the saucer.
See how it's set slightly back on the saucer...Just to give it
a whimsical look!

 See where the candy canes touch the teacups and glue them as well.
let dry overnight.

 Next, you'll want a heavy duty metal headband.
This one is 10 mm wide...and it's perfect.
I bought them on ebay.
 You'll need a rig to hold everything in place while it dries...
this jar didn't quite cut it.
You'll see I switched to a paint can!
 I tied a big, beautiful, exaggerated bow and glued it with
 E6000 right onto the headband.
Secured it with clothespins!

 Ahh yes, the paint can is perfect!

 Then I put glue right on the center of the bow and stuck that teacup right on top!

 let dry overnight...

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