Once Upon a Time's Evil Queen Lace Crown

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Once Upon a Time's Evil Queen Lace Crown
Do you watch or have you watched Once Upon a Time?
We got into it over a year ago and binge watched all the seasons as fast as we could.
If there's anything I loved the most about it was the costuming!
 I especially was so inspired by the Evil Queen, Regina's, wardrobe...
So we decided to recreate this lace headband/crown in a way that you could actually wear it!

 The lace crown headband.
 Rather than the lace that covers the entire top of her head.

 I just took a piece of pointy lace and some black stretch lace.
 And of course, I made another one...
 I used my sewing machine to sew the lace to the elastic...hand-stitching works too.
 Easy and ready to wear!

Or even wearing both of them at once!

I also used this lace on this Rhinestone Lace Choker

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