Princess HENNIN Hat tutorial! DIY!

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6:00 AM
 A Hennin.  A pointed princess party hat!
Haven't you always just wanted one?
Okay...well I have...and my daughter has.
So we made one with things we already have!
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Princess Hennin Hat tutorial!
No Sew, easy, do it yourself!

 Here's the 4 things you will need:

Plastic (I got a bunch at the thrift store...and used it here and here)
{you could use a posterboard, thin cardboard or hard plastic packaging}

Satin material 
(we have a bolt from my mother in can find silky
 remnants at a craft store or walmart for cheap)

Hot Glue


To begin, we cut the shape.
(I saw some other instuctions online...their measurements were:
 4 inches across the top and 21 inches across the bottom...)
It was WAY too tall!  Hysterically tall!
 Do over!

I cut it straight across the top so it was only
11 inches tall.
Basically you need a piece of sturdy board that is 11" by 22" or so.

  Then I wrapped it like a cone and taped it in place. 
 Tested it out on her head...
Then cut the bottom edge straight around.
Totally eyeballing it!  It didn't turn out perfectly symmetrical!
I marked the edge where the plastic overlapped and was taped off.
Then removed the tape.  Looks strange...
Lay it out on a piece of material.
Cut it about 1/2 inch around the edge.
Hot glue the edge and fold the material down to the board.
You will still see these markings from the inside of the cone.
Wrap it back into that cone shape and hot glue in place!
Ta da!  Like so.
What to do with the unsightly seam?
Easy!  Rosettes!
I did a bunch out of that same material.
You could spice it up any way you want at this point!
We used large pearls, and strings of pearls.
Add some ribbon to the small hole in the top.

 *note:  the pearls and flowers made the hat quite a bit heavier...
you can go light on the decorations for your little one*

Ribbon hot glued inside to make the neck strap as well.
Pretty as a decoration too!
Perfect for my Princess!
I know your princess will love it too!
A lovely Hennin to show off!

Perfect for a little baby photo prop too!

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That's adorable, I'm sure she just loves it! Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!
Unknown said…
This is just darling! I know lots of little girls who would love a hat like this one! Would you consider sharing it here?
Crafty Mischief said…
Wow! I think this is the prettiest princess hat I've ever seen! Thank you for sharing a tutorial. I can't wait to make one for my daughter!
Unknown said…
Wow! My daughter would go nuts! This is so pretty!

New follower from Musings of an Imperfect MOM
Just popping over from SNAP! This is fabulous! My 6yo has one of these that came with a dress ages ago and is dying. Never thought of making my own! So so cute.