25 Crafts for Kids Round Up!

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6:00 AM

25 Crafts for Kids!

These are strange times, right!?

Honestly, nothing has really changed for us. We homeschool our 3 kids, I work from home and my hubby is retired. Life just trucks on as usual. We buy toilet paper in bulk twice a year...so no need to panic shop. We have tons of water and food storage...again, we are fine.

I have a craft room filled with supplies, so I could be quite comfortable for many years in isolation. Haha.

Maybe having the kids home with you during the day is not what you are used to. While you are at home with the kids...here's 25 fun crafts you can do to pass the time. Maybe you already have some of the supplies on hand to start creating.

Which looks the most fun to you?

Boondoggle Keychains

Teaching the Color Wheel

Kubb or Viking Chess

Sea Creature Fishing Kit

Painting Rocks

Scratch Off Magic Paper

Make a Lego Fidget Spinner

Turn Kids Artwork into a Shirt

Yahtzee Game Score Cards

Simple Lace Dream Catcher

Harry Potter Wands with Hot Glue

Magnetic Shark Fishing Set

Sealife Soap DIY

Cocktail Umbrella Wreath

Decorate Sugar Cookies

Easy String Art

Patriotic String Art DIY

Rock Place Settings

Stenciled Totes

Tangram Stamped Cards

Painted Flower Tote

Rolled Paper Frame
Upcycled Rolled Paper Frame DIY Craft using colored paper and magazines, tedious DIY

Painted Car Play Mat
Car Play Mat Painted with Plaid Fabric Creations

Rocket Jet Packs

Rock Painting 101
Rock painting for beginners, everything needed to get started

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