Tangram Rubber Stamps DIY!

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 A Tangram is a Chinese dissection puzzle consisting of 7 flat shapes.
They all fit perfectly in one square.
My dad is a Mathematician.  He collects "smart games".
He loves all sorts of thinking games, puzzles and riddles.
So I grew up putting tangrams together.
You can even make all sorts of things with the pieces...animals, people, things!
 Since geometric anything is all the rage, I though it would be fun to make a
 Rubber Stamp Tangram and make cards!
This would be so fun to make for a teacher appreciation gift--A little stack of cards and some envelopes wrapped in twine!
Or just to send someone a smile in the mail!
 Here's the Tangram.
There's a cool website that explains it all here.

Pink Carving Rubber:  I got mine here...Speedball Carving Block
(you could do with with pink rubber erasers or scraps of cling mounted rubber)
Hobby Knife
Ruler, pen, scissors, 1.5" square paper
Rubber Stamping Ink Pads or Crayola Markers
Paper to stamp on...lunch bags, newspaper, old books!

Supplies for Cards:
5 1/4" x 4" pieces of cardstock in white
5 3/8" x 4 1/8" pieces of cardstock in black
5 1/2" x 8 1/2" pieces of cardstock in assorted colors...and then folded in half
Tape or glue stick

 Begin by cutting a 1 1/2" square of paper and make all the
 folds and cuts for the Tangram.
 Then trace the paper pattern onto the pink carving rubber.
Brace the lines with a ruler and make the cut with a hobby knife.
 Just like so.
 Now just add tape or a glue dot to the backside...and press
 onto an acrylic block in any pattern for stamping.
Like this bunny!
 There's so many fun designs...
But to get you started, feel free to save off this picture to use as a reference.
 Here's another option when making the tangram stamps:
I buy rubber stamps all the time with cling back mounting foam on them.
They come in a sheet and you peel the stamps out of them.
This leaves a bit of wasted rubber...so I just laid out my Tangram pieces 
and traced them on wherever they fit on the rubber!
 Then cut them out with rubber stamp scissors.
 They don't fit together quite as nicely as the one cut from a single square...
but they are easier to use with the cling back...and still make the same adorable shapes!
 Just arrange them,

However you want...

 Press in ink...or, if you don't have ink pads...use Crayola markers!
 Press onto paper!
I love it!
 I use a baby wipe to clean up the excess ink...then do it again!
 This time, with a cat...or fox!
 Pretty soon, your desk will look like mine!
 They are so cute in all their geometric glory!
 I totally love this whale. 
 Again, these would be a darling teacher appreciation gift!
Or would be a fun way to jazz up those old brown lunch bags for kids lunches!
Make custom wrapping paper with kraft paper from the dollar store...
 Have you ever played with Tangrams?

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