Viking Chess Kubb Game!

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Have you played Kubb?  It's a super fun outdoor yard game!
There's a great overview on Wikipedia with the instructions that I'm not going post here.
 But it's a great game and easy to make!
It would make a great gift too--maybe for Father's day!?
 You need:
1 King Piece: 12 inch 4 by 4
10 Kubbs: 6 inch 3 by3
6 Batons: 12 inch 1.5 inch dowels
Stakes and string to mark court
 We used a chop saw and cut all the pieces down to size.
 Measure, mark and cut.
Use eye pro!
 12 inches for the king!
To make the cool pattern of the king,
The saw blade is set at a 45* angle.
Set at 2" and cut.
 Quarter turn the king and cut again...repeat for each edge.
 Then set the blade stopper as close as possible to the blade
This will create the cool crown on top of the king.
Cut all four sides.
 Then set the stopper at 4 inches and cut all around the neck.
 all four sides.
 then set the stopper so the blade matches up with the other cut you did on the neck.
I didn't measure this just line it up.
 Then cut all four sides.
This gives it the perfect neckline.
 Gorgeous little King piece!
Fun to make, once you get the hang of it!
 Dowels for the batons...smaller dowels for the stakes.
 My hubby added some fun decorative patterns and runes with a Sharpie marker!
 Set up the game and play!
 We made some fun ones with logs too!

Great gift idea!
Lots of fun too!

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