Cocktail Umbrella Summer Wreath DIY!

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Cocktail Umbrella Summer Wreath DIY!
I love Summertime!  I want to stretch it out as long as possible.  In fact, we are camping next week (after kids here go back to school)...the perks of homeschooling!  I love going places when all the other kids are back in perfect.  So as part of my "stretching out summer"'s a great wreath that would really be suitable for all of Spring and Summer.
Best part?--It's super simple.  Seriously, 15 minutes.
You will need:
Styrofoam wreath form (mine is 14")
Cocktail Umbrellas

And a piece of ribbon.

Easy right!?  Let's get started.  Open an umbrella.
Stick it in the wreath form.
Then repeat!  Overlap the umbrellas and fill the entire wreath form.
It looks like a fun crowded beach!
You can barely see the sides of the wreath from the side.  I don't mind that it's showing some styrofoam. It's like the white sands of the gulf of Mexico.  I'm okay with that.
Now tie a ribbon around it and hang it up!
Boom, done!
Great for kids to help with too!
It gets lots of attention!  Great for any Luau themed event too!
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