Patriotic String Art Star Craft Lightning!

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 Patriotic String Art Star!
Need a fun Fourth of July decoration that you can make super fast...?
This is it.  Great older kids craft too.
This is part of Craft Lightning Patriotic Crafts!

 This project only took me 15 minutes.  I had all the supplies on hand.  It only took me seconds to gather them all and get set up.  This craft might take you a bit longer, but it's not complicated.
You will need:
Hammer and nails (I used carpet tacks because I have a bunch)
3/4 inch thick board, 6 X 8 inches
Paper, scissors and pencil
 I used the paper and scissors to cut a wonky star shape.  I love the uneven shape because then you aren't so concerned about every little part being straight.  Asymmetry is awesome.
 Use the paper star as a pattern.  Place it on the wood board and draw little dots around the star to show where to place the nails.  Each nail should be about 3/4 to 1 inch apart.
 Then use the hammer to pound the nails in the dots.
 Each nail should be pounded in the same amount, leaving about 1/2 inch of the nail showing.
If you are wanting to do this with young kids, have all the nails pounded in and then let them wrap the twine.  Older kids will love pounding in the nails.
 Then take the twine, and tie a knot around the first nail.
 You can string it symmetrically, or just here and there like I did.
If you are trying to make a pattern, it will take longer.
 Once the bulk of the center is full, I used the twine to outline the star a couple times.
 And finish it off by tying a knot and trimming the ends of the twine.
 Now it is ready to set up with the patriotic decor and enjoy it!
Easy string art is so much fun!  I love the wonky edges and the whimsical look!
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Angie Holden said…
String art is one of my favorite projects!