Scratch-Off Magic Paper Art!

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 Scratch-Off Magic Paper Art!
This is a fantastic craft that can be done with school children of 
any age--even my teenagers loved it!
My 12 year old daughter taught a Kids Craft Class to earn some summer camp money 
and this was one of her projects.  She had 18 kids ages 5-10 come and make these.
It was fast and fun and everyone was successful!

This craft is pretty basic and you may find you already have the supplies on hand!

You will need: 
White cardstock paper
black (or other dark color) paint
dish soap
foam paint brush
toothpicks or paper clips
 Let's begin.
I cut my cardstock in half.
It's just easier for little hands to manage.
Then have your child fill the paper with crayon.
This works the best when the entire page is filled with thick, waxy crayon.
 Once the pages are filled, set them on a scrap paper or drop cloth for paint.
 Mix a pile of black paint (about 1/4 cup) with about a teaspoon of soap.
The soap helps the paint coat the wax, rather than balling up and puddling.
 Brush it right over the crayon.
We let all 18 kids paint their own (taking turns, 1 at a time) and they loved it!
The paint is bubbly, but those pop and it dries just fine.
 Let them sit to dry.
It only takes about 20 minutes or so.  
For our craft class we started the 2 hour class with this and finished the
last 5 minutes of the class with the scratching off.
 Once dry, use a toothpick or an unbent paper clip to scratch out the desired designs.
 It is so much fun to see the brightly colored crayon paper appearing underneath!
 Fabulous artwork destined for the refrigerator!
 I absolutely love simple but high quality kids crafts!
This one is definitely a top ten!

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