Easy String Art Tutorial Heart Diamond Templates!

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Easy String Art Tutorial Heart Diamond Templates!
Have you done the string art craze yet!?
I've only done a few...since the 5th grade but they are so much fun.  They can be very simple or extremely complex.  These are the simpler variety and free templates!
Use simple templates or be creative and make your own design...like this pizza!
Last month we did these string arts with 100's of girls at summer camp!
 You will need:
Nails, carpet tacks, etc.
Twine, yarn or string
3/4" pine boards (6 inch squares are a good beginner size)
 Right click to save off the template for this diamond.
Personal use only.
 Cut it to the size of the board and set it on top.  Then pound the nails right in the paper and into the board.  Pound each nail into the board the same distance.
 After all the nails, just rip off the paper template.
 Tie the twine on the starting nail with an overhand knot.
Then just trace the nails with the twine like a dot-to-dot.
 Then go all around the outside of the diamond and tie it off at the end and clip it.
 Perfect gem!  Add a little hand lettering to it or some painting if you want!
 Now try the heart!
Right click to save off the free template.

 Same technique, pound in the nails and remove the paper.
Tie off the twine on the first nail.
 You can take time and make it symmetrical, or just run the twine all around the board at random.

Until every nail has some twine around it.
 Then run the twine around the outside edge of the heart a couple times.
It's easy to go around the half, twist the twine around the yarn in the center and then go around the other half.
 Tie it off at the end and clip it off close to the knot.
 I love the heart--It looks fabulous!
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Anonymous said…
le rendu est super propre merci beaucoup pour cette idée
madeline said…
great ideas ...thank you for something to do or for the kids to do...