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Make a Simple Lace Dream Catcher DIY with Embroidery Hoop + Yarn!

Great summer camp craft for youth, easy to make dream catcher can be made in 30 minutes

Make a Simple Lace Dream Catcher DIY with Embroidery Hoop + Yarn!

This is a great craft for a group of tweens/teens.  Dream catchers are on trend, yet complicated to make.  Simplify a traditional dream catcher with lace and yarn.  Perfect for catching bad dreams!
You will need:
Embroidery hoop
Pull the embroidery hoops apart and tie pieces of yarn on the smaller ring using a larks head knot.
Cut a piece of lace slightly larger than the embroidery hoops.  Place the lace between the 2 embroidery hoops and fit the small one inside the large one.  Loosen the dial on top of the big hoop in order to get all the thick yarn inside.  Then tighten the dial as tight as possible, keeping the lace tight and taut.
Use scissors to trim the edge of the lace off the loop.
Attach a bow or flower to the lace if desired...this is a hairclip that matched it to perfection!
That's it!  Hang it up and have amazing sleep with great dreams!  Make it the colors you love and hang it in your home or room.  Great statement piece made in less than 30 minutes.
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