10 Harry Potter Crafts--with Fantastic Beasts!

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10 Harry Potter Crafts--with Fantastic Beasts DIY's, parties, shirts & wearables and other fun.

10 Harry Potter Crafts--with Fantastic Beasts!

Fantastic Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore just came out and it feels like my Hogwarts letter should be arriving any minute now. The excitement of heading off to Hogwarts, the nervousness of getting to platform 9 3/4...the house rooms, all of it!

I love the classic Harry Potter books and the boarding school vibe!

I love that none of the basic school subjects are taught...like Math, Reading and English are not relevant! Instead, dive into magic arts, potions, flying broomsticks and defense against the Dark Arts. It sounds awesome! Plan the perfect Harry Potter craft night, geek or cosplay accessories or the perfect Harry Potter day party with these fun Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts themed crafts! 

Which one is your favorite?

Weasley is our King Shirt
Weasley Is Our King Shirt with Cricut Iron-on! Harry Potter crafts are my favorite--I'm such a geek. Weasley is our King! Make a Harry Potter inspired shirt in just a few minutes using a Cricut machine and iron-on vinyl.
Book of Monsters Journal Cover
Harry Potter inspired Book of Monsters journal cover diy

I'm a Fantastic Beast Shirt
I'm a fantastic Beast Harry Potter themed shirt diy

Niffler Coin Purse
Okay, this craft is by far the MOST used craft here. I keep my niffler in my purse and love getting it out at the store to pay the change. He gets so much attention!
The Niffler from Fantastic Beasts made into a felt coin purse diy

Magic Wands
Harry Potter magic wands made with tree branches and polymer clay

Fat Lady Necklace
Harry Potter inspired Fat Lady in gold gilded frame necklace diy

How to Make a Gryffindor Tie
How to make a gryffindor tie for a Harry Potter costume, easy to alter for griffyndor, slytherin, hufflepuff and ravenclaw

Hogwarts House Banner
Harry Potter Hogwarts house banners with school house crests, easy DIY

Felix Felicis Necklace
Felix Felicis Liquid luck potion necklace inspired by Harry Potter

Troll Bogeys Shirt
Harry Potter themed shirts to wear to Universal Studios and the Wizarding World, Riddikulus and Troll Bogeys

Harry Potter Party
Host the perfect Back-to-School party with all things Harry Potter. Drink Butterbeer, eat Chocolate Frogs and enjoy a fun and simple party!
Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts themed party with butterbeer and chocolate frogs

That's it! Which one is your favorite?

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10 Harry Potter Crafts--with Fantastic Beasts DIY's, parties, shirts & wearables and other fun.

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Brush Lettering


Butterbeer cake

HP Party

Choc Frogs




Send Owl

Tom Riddle

Troll Bogeys




Wizarding World

HP Patch

Alas Earwax

HP Raglan

Page 394

Lion Hat


Keeper Tote

Fat Lady Necklace



Felix Felicis

HP Party

HP Banner

Hogwarts Patches


Catch & Keeper

BB8 Shirt

Harry Potter Party

Wizard Wands

Sibil Trelawney

Moaning Myrtle

Umbridge Darts

Gryffindor Tie

Ron Weasley


Harry Potter


Draco Malfoy


Butter Beer

Crest Stamp

Chocolate Frogs



Wanted Wizard

Hogwarts Letter

Sorting Hat

HP Nails

Gryffindor Robes

Wand Pen


Owl Decoy

Slytherin Tie



Geek Shirt

Wand Hook

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Helen said…
OMG! I love love Harry Potter. Love this list. Can I find the items from Amazon?
Doodlecraft said…
Click on each picture to take you to a full post on how to make that Harry Potter related craft. The individual post should point you to what you need. :)