Harry Potter Fat Lady Necklace!

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 Harry Potter Fat Lady Necklace!

I'm not a huge fan of calling anyone fat, but since that is what the portrait of this lady is called, we'll go with it! These necklaces are so fun and funny!  They are sure to get lots of attention!

 You will need:

Mod Melts, Mod Molds and the Mod Melter.
These are amazing and so much fun!
I am lucky enough to be a brand ambassador for Plaid.
That means they send me fun stuff and I post about it!
I got the Deluxe melts kit, the Deluxe mold kit and the Deluxe Melter kit.
And trust me, this was hours of fun.
 For this project I used the Mod Melts Mold: Ornaments
and a metallic gold melt stick from them Metallics pack
Place the stick in the melter and let it heat up.
The melter has a fine tip, so you can get it in these little grooves.
When it is hot enough, just start filling the picture frame cavities!
For the Fat Lady necklace, I used only the rectangular antique frame.
(more fun posts to come)
Let it cool, just a few minutes and then pop it out and repeat!
 Okay, now the fat lady.
If you've been to my blog before, you'll know that I do everything in bulk.
Because, why not?
So I printed out a row of little fat ladies, made to fit the frame.
 Then cut them out and laminated them.
That's the glass, right?
 Once laminated they can be cut apart.
 Then just use a normal hot glue gun to glue the picture on the back of the frame.
They are so fun!
Next, I used a hook tool to bore a hole through the top of the frame.

 I used pliers and slipped a jump ring through the hole and closed it.
 Next I used about 27 inches of chain and a small jump ring.
(this way it just fits over your head without a clasp)
Thread the pendant on the chain then hook the 2 ends of chain together with the jump ring.
 And repeat.
Did I mention, I do things in bulk!?
These became favors for our Harry Potter party which will post tomorrow!
 They really are such a statement!
 Mod Melts are awesome!
Check out this Mermaid Crown made with Mod Melts! http://www.doodlecraftblog.com/2016/10/mod-melts-mermaid-crown-diy.html


Xayide2 said…
Hmmm...probably buttons or little dots! But let me know when you're giving away a heat laminator. :)
roxiemic said…
I would love to use them in my mix media art. I have been debating on buying these. I aslo like the pen shape of the mode melter. With the colored sticks you could draw with it.
TuttleDB said…
This would be good to make photo decorations of my kids for the Christmas tree!
Unknown said…
I would use them in mixed media, ATC's, Altered books, etc...there are so many uses and only limited by your imagination! :) I really need this! :D
Lisa D. said…
These would probably find their way into being barrettes or jewelry for my girls. Because, honestly, 90% of the crafts at our house wind up being barrettes or jewelry for the girls.

This looks like so much fun! I've won something on your blog before, lets see if my luck holds out :)