I'm a Fantastic Beast Funny Bowtruckle Shirt DIY with Cricut and Lego

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 I'm a Fantastic Beast Funny Bowtruckle Shirt DIY with Cricut and Lego

Make a hilarious shirt to wear to the movies tonight!  This funny shirt features Pickett, the bowtruckle, which would look great on a tee shirt pocket too!  Just like Newt Scamander and his suitcase full of fantastic beasts.  Let's get started, affiliate links included in post.

Plus these adorable Lego sets for the movie release.  Lego sent me these fun products to review.  What do you think about the Brick Headz?  I wasn't sure at first, but they are adorable!  I love that little Hedwig!  And then I got a bunch of blind bags--they were all different too!

Okay, check out this Newt Scamander minifigure!  That's Pickett in his jacket!  Plus, make a Niffler coin purse here.

And these fun 6 Harry Potter characters...I love that little golden snitch and Luna Lovegood!

For the Shirt Supplies: Cricut Maker Cricut EasyPress 2 (large size) EasyPress Mat Iron-on Vinyl T-Shirt ~ Now make this shirt!  First, right click to save off this image, personal use only.

Load it into Cricut Design Space and size it for your shirt, mine is 9 inches across.  Mirror the image and place the iron on vinyl on the mat with the shiny side sticking down.

Right click to save off this little bowtruckle silhouette, personal use too.

Remember Pickett?  I had my teenage daughter design the simplified silhouette above.

Same process as before and cut out Pickett in green iron-on vinyl.  Then weed the excess vinyl.

Place the t-shirt on the EasyPress mat and heat up the EasyPress 2 to the proper setting, check the guide here.

Next, heat up the shirt and then place the bowtuckle in place.  Heat it up for half the required time and peel the carrier sheet off.  Then place the text on the shirt.  Cover the bowtruckle with the carrier sheet again to prevent it from melting during the heat process.

Place the EasyPress 2 on top of the iron on vinyl and set the timer!

Turn the shirt over and place the EasyPress 2 on the back of the shirt for 15-20 seconds.  Let the vinyl cool down completely and then peel off the carrier sheets.

Now, you too, can be a fantastic beast!

 Awesome!  Makes a great gift for a Harry Potter fan--or to wear to the movies!  Open some Lego Minifigures to celebate!

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  1. LOVE This!!!Thank You for your creativity!!! You ROCK!!!


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