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Monday, October 26, 2015

Harry Potter Cosplay: Moaning Myrtle!

 Harry Potter Cosplay: Moaning Myrtle!
(It was brought to my attention that I spelled "Myrtle" wrong...such a muggle!)
Everything about this whiny bathroom dwelling ghost is so fun!
 A DIY costume is simple and easy!
Pigtails and bangs.  If you don't have bangs just loop and bobby pin hair like we did.
Round glasses
Gray tattered clothes...we thrifted a mans gray button up
Gray tie
White shirt (or slightly gray)
 And face paint!
We used this fantastic paint

I just used a little water and white paint and brushed it all over her face.
Then I used some copper and watered it down and painted the sides of the
 cheeks to look sunken skeletal structure almost...and a little on the lips.
 Don't forget to pout and whine!

Great for a last minute Halloween costume!
Get a group together and storm Hogwarts!

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1 comment:

Maufeline said...

I'm all excited about your Harry Potter week and I love all of what you made! The bangs looping thing is a great idea!
And, psst: It's Moaning Myrtle, not Murtle ;-)

Greetings from Germany

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