DIY Felix Felicis Liquid Luck Necklace! Harry Potter Week!

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DIY Felix Felicis Liquid Luck Necklace! 

 Harry Potter Week! That's right, it's Harry Potter week on my blog! Lots of fun wizard and witch crafts and DIY every day, with an extravagant party on Friday! I wanted to do the Felix Felicis as a necklace. Remember in The Half Blood Prince, Professor Slughorn gives the winner of potion brewing, Harry, one cool tear drop shaped phial of it! It is so pretty.

Upon all my research, many of them are filled with glitter or olive oil. I didn't want oil in case of leaking...and I didn't want glitter because it needs to be liquid, right!?
I found the perfect little BULB corked potion bottles at Oriental Trading Company. They sent these to me at no cost for this tutorial! They are perfect!

 I used some Liquid's like Liquid Luck for Muggles. It is amazing...but can separate, so there are some color inconsistencies in the potion vials. It is not water based. I also used a syringe and a blunt "needle" for crafting. (I used it and then threw it away, so buy lots!)
And a chain and jump-ring.

 ***Or a reader just left a tip about using Gold Nail Polish!  Great idea!***

Shake up the liquid leaf and draw some into the syringe.
Put the syringe deep into the phial and release a couple of drops. Then swirl it around so it will just coat the inside of the jar. I wanted mine to not be full to the top, so you could tell there was something  in it rather than it just being painted all gold.
Then find something to put it in so it can dry.  Do not cork it yet.
When it is completely dry, Hook a chain and a jump-ring onto the screw eye in the cork.
Wear and enjoy fabulous amounts of luck!

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Come back tomorrow for more fun Harry Potter projects!

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Rohanne said…
Great idea! I think it might be done with gold nail polish, too. I'll have to try it and see :p