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Monday, October 26, 2015

Harry Potter Cosplay: Hermoine Granger!

 Harry Potter Cosplay: Hermoine Granger!
  Okay, there's a lot of variety with Ms. Granger.
If you have bangs--you might go with the young version...bangs and lots of curls.
 Or older with more tame hair!
 Here's how we did the Gryffindor Robes:
I used my favorite Robe pattern Simplicity 5840...and cut a rounded hood instead of a pointy one.
Seriously, this pattern is worth it!

 You can pick it up from Amazon too!

I cut a red lining for the hood only and sewed it up.
It takes about 2 hours of sewing to get it all together.

See more details on this post

Here's the funny backstory:
I was majorly into making robes about 8-9 years ago...I made 100's.
I bought every single bolt of black or brown material on the $1 a yard rack at Walmart...
and they don't even have that rack anymore!
I cut out this pattern so many times...until I wore myself out!
I sold a bunch of them for $100's each and gave many as gifts.
I cut out another batch of 10 robes...and there they sat,
unsewn for years.

Until today.
I searched through the robes and found this black robe with a red lined hood...
all cut out from nearly a decade ago!
It was perfect...and fits my now grown up children!
Thanks PAST Natalie!
Little did I know, at a time when I hadn't even read the Harry Potter books,
that I was prepping for the ultimate Gryffindor Robe!

No Gryffindor Costume is complete without a Gryffindor tie!
 We didn't go overboard on the hair...but I did darken her eyebrows! :)
Gotta love that 11 year old look!
Come back later for more Harry Potter inspiration!

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