Upcycled Recycled Earth Day Crafts DIY!

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Upcycled Recycled Earth Day Crafts DIY!

With Spring comes the reminder to care for the earth.  Earth day should be everyday.  I love being able to use a product that was on the way to the trash and turn it into something wonderful.  I love taking an item and upcycling it to make it better!

Budget friendly crafts and upcycling junk is one of my most favorite ways to craft! I love giving new life to old things. I love using things up, wearing them out, making them do--or doing without! 

Here's a fabulous list of earth conscious crafts to do for Earth day:

Rocket Jet Packs

Candy Wrapper Purse

Cereal Box Refillable Journals


madeline said…
lots of great and fun and useful projects ...so i am going to be very busy ...thank you ..these are just great....have a wonderful fun day ...