Floral Painted Upcycled Ballet Flat Shoes DIY!

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Floral Painted Upcycled Ballet Flat Shoes DIY!

I adore painting shoes.  Especially shoes that have seen better days.  These shoes were scuffed and marked up...but still very comfortable.  They just needed an update!  Brightly colored florals are the answer, they are easy to paint and anyone can do it!

Super cute shoes for Springtime with a bright and vibrant pop of colors!  I love the black canvas and the shape of the shoes...they are the perfect jumping off point.

Here's what you will need to paint floral shoes:

Simple black ballet flats (or basically any other shoe that needs a boost)
Clear gloss spray or paint

Pick a variety of colors that speaks to you! I love shades of blue, pink and green.

Here's a video sped up of the process:

The rose/peony flower is basically a painted scribble.  Paint it on like petals, leaving black spaces between the paint lines/scribbles.

Use paint to cover the scuffs of the shoes.  Add lots of layers of colors, let the paint colors blend together slightly.  Keep it very simple and random.  If you are nervous, practice on paper first.

Then add some aqua flowers and some blue ones.  Paint on some green leaves, add yellow and blue to the leaves for variety.  Keep parts of the paint thick, don't be afraid if some black shows through.

They look fabulous!  Once you are satisfied with the placement and fullness of the florals, spray them.

I used a high gloss finish and sprayed them with a light coating.  This will help the paint stay on better and give it an even shine.

They are stunning and ready to wear!  Pair it with skinny jeans or with a pencil skirt!  Perfect for Spring and Summer!

Okay, let's chat about durability.  I love painted shoes, I paint them a lot.  They aren't made to wear every single day while plowing in the fields...but my heels and shoes have lasted well for years, with a moderate amount of wearing. 

But if you are like me, you were already tossing the shoes anyway, so adding some life to them is the perfect way to celebrate the earth.

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PS, aren't these lace socks the BEST!?  They are from Dollar Tree, a few years ago...bummer, not available there right now.  They have some fun no-show liner socks though, they'd be cute!

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