Bounty Hunter Jango/Boba Fett Inspired Rocket Jet Pack!

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6:00 AM
Bounty Hunter Rocket Jet Packs...
and the typical photo overload!

 (notice the power switch and the boost buttons?)

Ever since the Jet Packs of 2012,
my son has requested a Bounty Hunter Jet Pack...
like Jango or Boba Fett.
We found this one online somewhere...
and modeled ours after it!
My son informed me that he didn't want it
to have a tall missile launcher on the middle like this one...which
is more accurate...but he's I don't blame him.

Pretty good anyway!

We used 2 1-liter bottles...and 1 2-liter...ha ha.
We spray painted them white and gray...sort of a blaster scarred look.
 We used an old ramen noodle box...and some webbing
to make the backpack.

 We used an old seatbelt for the front latching mechanism...
and seriously, that sealed the coolness deal!

 I knotted the back so I could loosen it when he gets bigger...
it will still take some reassembling, but I wont have to start over.

 Then we mounted the booster packs!

 We used the bottles with the cone tips facing skyward this time!
With the center one it a bounty hunter look!

 We made a some little felt caps for the tips of
the rockets...
A strip hot glued in half just down one edge...

 Like this
 And then the open edge rounded off...

Hot glued and stuck right onto the tips!

We did the side packs with white and the center with blue!

A similar open cone was made for the bottom of the boosters...
I hot glued a glass pebble inside at the tip and
 pressed it on the base of the booster.
The gem keeps the cone in the proper shape and 
mounts the felt firmly to the bottom of the soda bottle.
Just like this!
We took it out for a test drive...perhaps prematurely.
I was told that is was cooler...but it needed some buttons to make
it more cooler.
 So back to the craft table it went...
all the while Star Wars 2: The Clone Wars blared on the speakers!
Might as well meet Jango Fett to spur the excitement!

Here's where we added those power switch and booster buttons!

And some fancy shapes on the rockets and sides...

And the 11 year old brother made him a wrist com and pistols
 out of scrap mother, like son!

Pure joy.  I am sure all the other bounty hunter moms
 feel the same way I do!

Oh my, I love this!
Seriously, 2 hours later after play play play...I find him like this:
Totally asleep.
Probably just didn't want to take off the jet packs...
and he takes such good care of his stuff...he didn't want to crush them.
I took some pictures, removed his jet packs and tucked him in for an
afternoon bounty hunter nap.
So adorable.

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Jennifer said…
Did you hot glue the bottles together and to the cardboard? Has it held up with play?
Jennifer said…
Ps. It's super cute!
Jennifer said…
Did you hot glue the bottles together and to the cardboard? Has it held up with play?