Message in a Bottle Package--Pirate Week!

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 Message in a Bottle Package--Pirate Week!
With another installment of Pirates of the Caribbean coming out in a couple weeks,
I'm doing Nautical, Pirate themed fun all week!
Check back on the last 2 posts if you haven't seen them yet.
 I thought it would be fun to send a message in a bottle.
(according to my post office, this is a very common occurrence)
You will need:
Clean and dry 2 liter plastic bottle
Pirate loot...coins, fish, toys, trinkets
 Use a hobby knife to cut a flap in the 2-liter.
Right where the label adhesive was.
 Lift it gently and fill up the bottle with treats and toys.
 This is a great way to put something bigger than the spout of the
bottle to give the fun "ship in a bottle" look.
 I filled it about half full because it's more fun that the stuff inside shakes around a little.
What child do you know that you could send this to?  All kids love getting mail, and this would be so much more fun, right!?
 We wrote notes and then rolled them up tight.
 And sealed it with a wax seal.
Untwist the lid and slip the note inside!
 Then screw on the cap and seal it with a wax seal.
 I put wax all around the seal of the lid.
 Next you will need clear packing tape.
 Use a couple pieces to tape up the flap in the bottle.
 Cover the flap area with an address label and a return address.
Then take it to the Post Office!
Give them your best smile!
They are totally equipped to send a strange package without second guessing!  Everyone in the post office line will love that you have a creative package!  Okay, it cost about $7.50 to ship from Utah to Arizona, so it's your basic "package" prices, but totally worth it.
 It arrives in flawless condition!
No dents or smashes!
 Mom used a knife to cut the plastic...
 For the kiddo's to enjoy!
Send a message in a bottle to someone you love today!
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