Mirror #6...Acid mirror tutorial

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10:30 AM
You too can make an antiqued etched mirror!
To start.
Mirrors are made with glass, then a layer of reflective material,
 then a layer of paint that seals it all in and makes sure
 the reflective layer doesn't get scratched.
So...because we want an antiqued mirror...
we have to remove that layer of paint!

Supplies for phase1:
gloves, scraper, stripper.
Next...there are a couple things I noticed when I did my mirrors.

1. not all mirrors are created equally.
Some absolutely sucked at getting the backing off...some were stellar.
some etched really well, some didn't...

2. The way the backing comes off kind of dictates how it will etch.
(like if you have to scrape it...it will look scraped)

Here's a couple stellar mirrors...there is just no way to know...
bubbles up, comes right off...minimal work.  
Remove entire paint backing
(if possible...but most of it at least!)

Next phase:
Muratic Acid!
I just put my mirrors down on the lawn
(there's already a dead part)
had the hose going on low...

So opened the lid and carefull splashed a small
amount on my mirrors!

I sprinkled out some acid on the mirrors and
held the hose ready to spray it off.
I did one mirror at a time...

Some mirrors etched very quickly...like 20 seconds!
One particular mirror, I left the acid on for HOURS...
and I still wasn't satisfied with the etching!
So there you have it!

Mirrors are NOT created equal.
They turned out great though!

Phase 3:
Fabric backing!
My favorite is a black and white pattern with a colored frame!
So there's a few of those...
Just cut the fabric (I even ironed it!)
And I used Elmer's spray glue to adhere
it to the back of the mirror.
  I love how the fabric PEEKS through...or how your reflection peeks through!
It's a mirror, but it says ART, not that you are totally vain!
Then you mount it back into your frame and presto!
A fabulous mirror!
I love it because there are mirrors everywhere, 
so it's fun to see some that are different and unique!
Thanks for joining my Mirror week!
Link up any mirrors, frames, wall art type projects you've done Here!



I have been waiting for this. Thanks for posting! I have a sick puppy right now so great time to take my mind off her for a least a few minutes. I have used the Jasco stripper before and burned my skin. Is the stripper you used just as strong? Also, is the idea to get the entire painting off? Or can pieces of it be left? I hope my daughter and I can find the acid tonight. Thanks again for posting this--the effect is amazing!
On my last comment I meant to say are you surpose to get the entire backing on the mirror off?
Miss Kitty said…
thanks for posting this tutorial! I love the look of old mirrors and your post makes it look do-able. I saw your post over at "Sundae Scoop Party" and I am following you now.
These are beautiful! I also like the black and white floral pattern. This is a clever way to make a vintage style mirror. Thanks!
Kjays said…
Great tutorial! I stripped mine and have been holding off purchasing a gallon of acid. I discovered that toilet bowl cleaner will do it as well. So I put some in a spray bottle and spray and dab until I get what I want! Worked awesome!
Katie said…
WOW these acid mirrors are awesome. I found you via Craft-O-Maniac and am your newest follower.
They turned out so cute...I love them! I may have to try this. Thanks for sharing:)
Sara said…
SO pretty!! Would LOVE it if you would share this project at my turquoise lovin' party going on right now!! http://www.sweetlittlegals.com/2011/09/turquoise-lovin-4.html
Leanne said…
Hi Nat! These turned out awesome. I've still been scared to try it. Maybe some day I'll finally get up the nerve. Thanks for linking to the party. I featured this on my FB fan page. Love them!
Karena said…
I love this idea. Super creative. Thanks for sharing. I would love for you to share it on my link party at cookienut.blogspot.com
That is so creative- I love how they came out!! I host a decorating link party at my blog on the weekends if you would like to come share sometime! :)
Katie said…
Awesome! I'm working on my first acid mirror and the backing will NOT come off! I'm going to have to buy a super powered stripper! Glad to hear I'm not the only one with this issue!! All of yours turned out great!
Jilly said…
Appreciate for posting this tutorial! The look of old mirrors and your post makes me happy, I saw your post over at "Sundae Scoop Party" and I am following you now.
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Roeshel said…
I love the mirrors! Thanks for sharing your technique! Great job!