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Painted Galaxy Pen Holder Upcycled Soup Cans

Painted Galaxy Pen Holder Upcycled Soup Cans
I love GALAXY everything.  I love using things I would normally toss to make something fun.  These galaxy cans are perfect for organizing markers, pens, and other craft supplies.
I used spray paint for this project, if you want a paint DIY
Check out this version at Creative Green Living

I love the metallic shine in the galaxy, let's get started!
You will need:
Clean cans ready to upcycle
Rustoleum Spray paint: Blue, Pink, Coral, Gold, Silver, Teal, Aqua and Glitter
White paint and toothbrush
Clean the cans and get a work surface, like a cardboard box.
Set the cans inside and spray them all with blue paint...or black if you have some.
Let it sit for 10 minutes then gently mist a little aqua on the cans...just in a few places, not all over.
Let them sit for 10-20 minutes then get the pink paint.  Mist a few places, let it sit again.
Next add some coral paint in a place here and there.
Next add some gold here and there, just like before.  Let them dry completely.
Now take a toothbrush with some white paint and splatter some white flecks all over the cans.
Let them dry and fill with goodies!  I love how they look.  You could add some fine details with planets, ships and maybe a tardis too!
Perfect for getting organized for Spring!
I love Spring Cleaning and making sure everything has a place...in galactic style.
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And check out this fully painted version at Creative Green Living!

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