Poppin' Pink and Totally Teal Upcycled Office Supplies!

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Awesome Upcycled Office Supplies!

Poppin' Pink and Totally Teal!
The perfect companions to my Upcycled Painted Keyboard!

To begin.
You will need some boring office supplies.
You can find boring tape dispensers at the thrift store...
this is the perfect upcycle you could give as a gift!

Quick story:  When I got married (June 2000),
we received a tape dispenser as a wedding gift.
At first I thought it was silly...but it is 1 of the very
few things that has survived EVERY move!  I love it!
But it is ugly.

Alas, that will be remedied!
Begin by wiping down all surface...I used a baby wipe.
Remove any tape roll or staples and use painters tape to
 mask off anything you don't want painted.
The cutting tape edge...
And the underside felt pads...
And anything metal on the stapler...this is easy because they open up!
like so...
All taped off...
Next...get that spray paint cardboard and lightly mist them with primer.
Let it dry and then do a light layer of color!
Allow paint to dry before doing another coat!
Then, let dry overnight before removing masking tape
and refilling with tape or staples!
Gorgeous!  I am not embarrassed anymore!

They go together perfect!



WOW! Adorable. Can't wait to make my 24 year old ugly stapler into a new hip stylish one.
How fun! I love the colors you used. Why is it that office equipment so often come in that dirty looking off-white?
I am so excited to do this. I love spray paint but never considered using it to update my office. These would make fun gifts. Thank you so much for posting.

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Have a great day!
These are super cute, and such a great idea! One of these days (when I actually get around to organizing my desk) I'm totally going to do this. Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!
Katherine said…
I love that hot pink stapler!
Jenni said…
Super cute! Really great solution. Now I am considering what other things can be spray painted in our house...
Rory Fugerson said…
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Gael said…
I know this has been around a few years, but it's still a great idea, so I linked to it on the blog I'm preparing to launch thriftaroundtheclock.com. It's such an easy, inexpensive fix.