Upcycled Soda Bottle Pencil Case!

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Upcycled Soda Bottle Zippered Pencil Case!
Make a statement with this fabulous Zippered pencil case...
made from recycled soda/water bottles!
You will need the bottoms of 2 soda bottles...same size.
Cut them at desired height and wash thoroughly.
I cut my tall one at 4" and the short is 2 1/4"
Best way to do it...cut the bottle way higher than desired height.  
Once it is cut all around, it's easier to be precise with the measurement.
You'll need a colored zipper.
Measure the zipper to fit around the circumference of the bottle.
Cut off the "stopper" end of the zipper to length.
Use hot glue and secure some felt on the end of the zipper.
This will keep the zipper from coming off the rails completely, and
it helps make the head of the zipper look pretty...you'll see.

Using Hot glue, just glue that zipper right around the bottle.
Not too close to the zipper track, because the zipper
head needs space to work properly.

leave the felt edge unglued for now.
Unzip the zipper.
Run some hot glue along the zipper and roll the other
bottle bottom right along the edge!

The felt piece is still loose.

Now make sure that the felt fits in place, trim if necessary.
Hot glue it in place to cover the zipper ends.

Here's the inside view...

Fill with adorable office supplies!
Mine was a little too short for pencils or colored pencils...
but a perfect fit for Poppin' pens and colorful Sharpies!

Totally cute!

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This is a great idea for using up recycables! Love that it is clear so you can see what's inside! Found you are Practically Functional's party.
Xayide2 said…
That is cute, I wonder if you could run it through your sewing machine, with a strong needle of course.
Pasha said…
This is such a great idea!!! And with the amount of soda consumed in my home I could make a ton of these!!!
What a great idea, I love it! Pinning, and thanks for sharing it at my link party!
Jocelyn said…
Get outta here with this!! I love this pencil holder idea! So fun!
Mrs B said…
The hot glue will never hold up to use, you need to sew the zipper to the bottle.
Unknown said…
Really cute idea for separating craft tools but it doesn’t seem like hot glue is going to last long on that plastic. Will pop off with very little effort. I’m going to need to research something that’ll last longer.
Doodlecraft said…
Crazy right!? I was also very skeptical about how long a hot glued zipper could last, I'll just say, it outlasted the clear bottles, which got smashed in my most recent move. You could sew the zipper right to the plastic after gluing to make it extra secure...but surprisingly, the hot glue works great! :)