Upcycled Phone Charging Station!

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 Upcycled Phone Charging Station!

 Perfect station for recharging phones, pods or other small devices!
 You'll just need an old plastic bottle to upcycle!
Make sure it is big enough to hold your device.
(my note 2 is wide, so I made sure it would fit before starting)
 You'll also need a razor knife of some kind.
Cut a curved shape.  Draw it on with a marker first.
Low in the front and tall in the back...taper it on the sides.
 Like this.
My edges aren't perfectly smooth...but now is the perfect
 time to give that bottle a thorough cleaning!
Draw a good sized hole on it.
 And cut that out.
This proved to be the most difficult part...just take it slow.
 Next, decorate!
You could modpodge on some fabric...use scrapbook paper...
duct tape...or like me, Washi tape!
 just cut the top layer of the tape and fold it inside the bottle.
This will keep that edge nice and soft...
and the cutting makes up the difference in shape...
so it doesn't pucker when you fold it over!

 Now, your plug can go through the hole into the wall outlet...
the bottle hangs nicely...and you can recharge!
(Also, this fits nicely on our door knobs too...
so you could use them for lots of things!)
 Looks great and totally useful!
 I just looped the cord around it to keep it off the floor.
Perfect for out of town trips!

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Great idea !
Going to make these for all my children!