Organizer Fabric Storage Buckets!

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I love to organize!
These upcycled ice cream bucket organizer bags are a must!

The cool thing about these, is you can pack the bucket full of stuff
and still pack stuff in around the bucket!
They hold gangs of stuff and keep the "junk drawer" virtually empty!
This one for all my regular supplies, pens and tools!
I love these!
You can organize your entire life with some fabric,
 a bucket, and some sewing skills!
Here's what you will need:
A bucket : You can use a 5-gallon bucket, ice cream bucket or even a mug!
Flexible measuring tape
Sewing machine
Double fold bias tape
Some basic sewing skills
Maybe some pins, if you like to pin things
And of course, the junk to organize!

You will need to measure your bucket.
Because there is a broad spectrum in bucket sizes,
I am not including any of my measurements...
But the calculations are fairly simple.

Take a look at the tagged picture so you get an idea of what pieces you'll need:

You will need to cut 2 circles of fabric that fit inside the bottom of the bucket.
To do this I place the bucket on a paper and trace around it.
Then I trim off about 1/4 inch all the way around and use that as the pattern.
You will cut 2, because that will make the base just a little bit stronger.

You will need a band of fabric that fits around the inside of the bucket.
It should be about 1/2 inch taller than the bucket walls...and needs to fit comfortably, but snug inside the bucket.
You can measure this with your measuring tape and cut it out all as one strip...
but I cut it in half, because I am usually using up scraps of material.

You will need to make the 2 pieces for the outside of the bucket.
Measure around the outside of the bucket.
This measurement needs to be cut into 2 separate halves to make room for the handles.
(unless it's something like just a tin can)
These pieces should be as tall as the bucket plus 1/2 inch...for seaming.

Okay now.
The pockets and pouches are a MUST!
So you need to cut strips of fabric that are longer than the band (or 2 pieces) for the inside of the bucket and the 2 pieces for the outside of the bucket.
They should be a little over HALF the height as the first pieces...and about 4 to 8 inches wider, depending on how big of pockets you want.
Cut 1 wider piece for each strip already cut.
If you are making one with a 5 gallon bucket, you could do a couple layers of tiered pockets.

This is not an exact science...but you can keep vigorous notes and make a bunch like I did.  :)
 2 longer pieces will make the pockets
 Take a longer strip and place it on top of a shorter strip.
Line up the bottom edge and one side.  Pin the side in place.
Then make the other side line up on the edge and pin that.
Sew them straight down on each of the sides, where pinned.

Next, decide how many pockets you would like.
Start by finding the center of the long strip and the short strip...
and pin them together right in the center.  Then sew straight down the center.

Next center the smaller sections and sew as earlier, right down the center of the halves.
This will make 4 nice size pockets...just like pictured above.

If you want skinny pencil pockets or specific sizes, you can measure and figure them in too!

Lastly, sew along the bottom, gathering in the excess fabric evenly.
Repeat on the 2 inside strips and the 2 outside flaps.
To sew up the insides, take the 2 flaps you have for the inside of the bucket
and put them together, pockets/right sides touching.

Sew the 2 sides together to make a single loop of fabric!
Put loop to the side for just a minute.

Take the 2 circles cut for the base and put them 
together with the pretty
side of the fabric showing on top and bottom.
Pin them together in the center, just to hold them.

Then take that loop we just sewed and try to "stand it up" on the table around that circle piece.
That will give you the vision of how to sew it.
You can pin the loop to the center if you are more comfortable sewing that way, but in my case,
I just hold the pieces together and sew all around the loop and circle.

This will make your inside.
Check and see how it fits in the bucket.  If you did your measuring right, it should fit right in.
 Now for the outside flaps.
You've got those pockets sewn in so it's looking great!
You can roll the edge and hem it...or finish off the edge with some double fold bias tape all around the side, bottom and up the other side.  (no need on the top)

Now you should have a finished inside bucket bag and 2 flaps!
Here's how it's going to look...basically.

You need to take the outside flap and put it pretty
 fabric side touching
the pretty fabric side of the inside of the bucket bag.

Line up the top raw edges, and seam them together.

Flip the outside flaps over, and ta-da!
You have a perfect organizer bag that makes you want to
 eat GALLONS of ice cream so
 you have more buckets for more bag organizers!
 Hope that makes sense.
I just base it off the bucket I am using...
You can make them fit a 5 gallon bucket

Like this sword bucket!

They hold so much stuff!
You can make a liner for anything!  Tin can...a mug...buckets!

 I make them for everything!  Great container for gifts too!


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Love this ~ thanks for posting! Godspeed,
Whit said…
My husband just brought me home a 5 gallon bucket from work saying "I know you can do something with this". (What a good craft enabling hubby lol). Now I have a use!

Oh my gosh, these are super awesome! And now I have an awesome excuse to eat TONS of ice cream!
Anonymous said…
Great Idea!
I featured this on my blog today! You can check it and grab a Featured button here:
Unknown said…
A mini version of the bucket would be great for teacher's desks! They have so many supplies all over the place & this would be supply central!
Tonymynd said…
Hello, I will be working on this project soon.