15 Wood Slice Crafts DIY's Roundup!

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15 Wood Slice Crafts and DIY's Roundup!

Logs and wood slices are something that we have tons of at my house! Haha, we had the local tree service deliver us giant logs last year and we decorated our yard with benches, tables, chairs, and my husband even carved a couple giant logs into jack-o-lanterns this year! It's easy to find our house...it's the one with the logs. We even have a log throne at the front porch. So logs are a great crafting medium because I have so many. Ornaments, holiday decorations, office tools, and even tables--today I am sharing 15 wood slice crafts.
Lots of people don't have access to logs like I do. No worries, this is my favorite place to get wood slices--perfect for ornaments!

Check out these fun things to make with wood slices and you'll want to get a bunch!

Acrylic Pour Wood Slice Ornaments

Wood Slice Pencil Holder

Wood Burned Star Wars Wood Slice Coasters

Unicorn Christmas Ornaments from Creative Green Living

Faux Calligraphy Wood Slice

Dancing Santa Stamped Wood Slice Ornaments

Wood Slice Resin Pour Ornaments

Resin Tree Branch Jewelry Hanger

Wood Slice Chalkboard Ornaments

Patriotic Painted Wood Slice

Wood Slice Placecard Setting

Trick-or-Treat Painted Wood Slice

Rustic Wedding with Wood Slices

Wood Slice Resin Poured Table

Wood Slice Cup Cake Stand

Which wood slice project is your favorite?
Get some Wood Slices and get crafting today!

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