Glitter Snowflake Maternity Shirt DIY with Cricut!

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 Glitter Snowflake Maternity Shirt DIY with Cricut!

Tis the season for glitter! I absolutely love the look of glitter, but cannot handle the mess that inevitably ensues. For this reason, I love glitter iron-on vinyl! It's just as sparkly and shiny as can be--but no mess at all! Plus, iron-on projects are quick! Seriously whip up this gift-worthy maternity shirt in just 10 minutes. 
I'm part of Craft Lightning: Glitter edition! Check out the other fun glitter projects too!

Supplies Needed:

Maternity Shirt
Cricut Weeding Tools

Begin by placing the iron on vinyl with the glitter and shiny side down on the mat. Cut the image in mirror-image mode. Even though this image is symmetrical, I still mirror it so I stay sharp in the habit of making sure I pay attention and don't waste vinyl. Then remove the iron on and weed the excess vinyl away with the hook tool. Place the shirt on the EasyPress mat.
Use the EasyPress 2 to iron the shirt before ironing on the vinyl. I don't even know why I bother to keep an iron in the basement--I never use it. EasyPress all the way! It's a game-changer! I used an iron for a long time, but they don't get hot enough or heat evenly--so I wasted a lot of shirts and vinyl doing it that way. Just invest and do it right once.
Then place the snowflake on the desired location. Because this is a maternity shirt, I picked the belly. This would still make a darling regular shirt too.
Then press the iron-on vinyl with the EasyPress for the recommended time. Remove the EasyPress, turn over the shirt and iron the backside for about 10 seconds.
Let the shirt cool down completely--it takes about a minute, but it feels like forever.
Then peel off the carrier sheet and enjoy the shirt! It's ready to wear with comfy Christmas leggings or wrap up for the perfect mommy-to-be holiday gift. I love it! Perfect to wear all Winter long! With glitter that stays in place--no mess, that's something every mom wants!

That's it!

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