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Marbled Wood Slice Ornaments with Plaid Crafts!

This post is sponsored by Plaid I love them, all opinions are my own.

Marbled Wood Slice Ornaments with Plaid Crafts!

Marbling is the most amazing craft and it's easy!  These show-stopping wood slice ornaments take just 15-20 minutes, minus the drying time.  Plaid makes it easy with their awesome line of Marbling Paints...and as part of the 12 days of Christmas Giveaways, they are giving one lucky reader a HUGE haul!  Yep, this picture below is everything the winner will get...and more--it's a pretty deep pile!

Stencils, Mod Podge, Gallery Glass in all the colors, Marbling Paint in all 10 colors, Folk Art Enamels in 8 colors, Apple Barrel Paint in 16 colors, Sparkle Mod Podge, Metallic Paint, Wood Burning Set, Paintbrushes, Home Decor Tint and Wax...basically the entire craft store from Plaid!  You will be set for all sorts of projects to come--enter to win at the end of this post!
So let's make these amazing marbled wood slice ornaments!

You will need:

Wood Slices
Twine to tie them off
Small disposable cups
Disposable work surface


This paint is specially formulated so it doesn't blend together...and turn to brown mud.  The colors all stay separate and bright.
 Begin by setting up the work station.  Place a piece of cardboard box under some little cups.  Set the wood slices on top of the cups.
 Use one little cup and squeeze paint into the cup, layered like a bullseye.  
 Then simply pour out the paint right onto the wood slices.  No need to mix a thing!
 The paint is pretty thick, so just pour out a line or few blobs of paint on each wood slice.
 Then tip and tilt the wood slice to let the paint run all over it to showcase the amazing colors.
 Then let them sit on the cups to dry completely.  At this point, you'll be looking around the house for anything and everything that you can marble!
 I love the classic black and white marbling!
 Once they are dry, they are ready to string with twine to hang on a tree, tie to a gift or use as coasters.
 Now you can do some optional decorating.  

Option #1:

Heat up that wood burner and add a custom name or word.
 Joy just fit perfectly on this wood slice.

 Option #2:

Use the Brush Lettering Paint in Gold and a fine paint brush to add a letter, name or phrase in brush calligraphy.
 Just a simple monogram or initial is perfect.
 I love the shiny gold!
 Hang them on a tree, tie them to a gift like the most amazing gift tag...
 Which do you like best?  The wood burned, just the marbling or the gold monograms?
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shirley said...

I would just have to try to make the Marbled Wood Slice Ornaments first, love them.

Sandy H said...

I would make name tags for each member of the family to put on the tree.

Molli Mc G said...

I'd make the wood slices and use them as gift tags; then maybe try marbling some peg dolls, oh or a picture frame!

Floof Penguin said...

I would make the marbled look wood slices

Trisha Musgrave said...

I would be making some ornaments with my kids!

janejett123 said...

rainbow design on wood

Dolores Miranda said...

I would definitely make ornaments!

ozlynda said...

I would love to do some marbled coasters. What awesome presents they would make. Thanks.

Sandra Watts said...

I would start out by making some ornaments for next year.

Kat s said...

I would make ornaments with my kids and see what else they would want to make

Kathy H said...

I would make a necklace.

Melissa Storms said...

I think I would make a spring welcome sign to remind myself that it will come again, eventually.

Michelle said...

I would love to get the kids involved and make some ornaments and holiday decor!

Ali said...

I love this project! I think that I would make a paint pour canvas as my first project. I like having a nice painted piece to add to my bookshelf to add some color.

Kaycee said...

I think my first project would be to upcycle a cutting board I have in my wood stash. I would use the wood burner and paints to make a unique address sign for my home!

Unknown said...

Beautiful work!

Mai said...

I really want to make these marbled ornaments! If I won, that's what I'd make first :)

Joy Meetis said...

I would make ornaments with my kids

latanya t said...

ornaments for my church members

Theresa N. said...

I have a ceramic piece that needs touch up.
Theresa N
weceno at yahoo dot com

Sandy Bonesteel said...

I would first make a tray with a wood burned design on it.

Mary Gardner said...

I would make some painted ornaments for the tree with my grandchildren.

Trudy Akehurst said...

making these tonight for my grand daughters and my daughter just love these marble ornaments I know they will love them

Mona said...

I would attempt to make the ornaments in this post!

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