Trick-or-Treat Brush Calligraphy Wood Slice!

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Trick-or-Treat Brush Calligraphy Wood Slice Sign!
 I am showcasing a fun craft that only takes minutes to make!
It's a 15 minute Halloween Craft part of the Craft Lightning: Halloween Edition!
 This is a fabulous craft and is easy to make!
 You will need:
Wood slice
Black, white, and Autumn colored paints
(I use Apple Barrel Paints by Plaid)
Flat and Round Paintbrush

First paint the surface of the wood slice black with your flat brush.
Let it dry completely.
This usually takes about 10 minutes, but you could use a hair dryer to speed things up.
 Next, you will use your white paint and a round paintbrush for the lettering.
 Now for the lettering!
It's fun.
Just write in cursive on the slice.
You can use a piece of chalk to sketch it out if you aren't as confident.
Here's a video of me.
The camera is at an odd angle, so you can't see every step...but it is simple enough.
  Let it dry.
 Now I used Cameo pink, lime, yellow, orange and kelly green and just
painted on some super simple flowers and leaves!
 Let them dry and you are done!
 It's only about a 10 minute project for me, apart from the drying time.
It's cute on the porch and ready for my favorite holiday, Halloween!

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Carolina said…
Love this! Your lettering is awesome!