STAR WARS Wood Burned Coasters DIY!

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STAR WARS Wood Burned Coasters DIY!
Because the Han Solo Movie comes out this week, I'm doing all kinds of fun Star Wars themed crafts all week.  I love Star Wars.  I am not into over analyzing the movies, actors and plots...I just like the movies.  I like that it's a movie that many generations can enjoy together.  So I am super excited to see the new Solo movie, of course--I mean it's Han Solo.  Here's a fun and super fast craft that can get you in the Star Wars spirit.
Wood burning!  It's been around since the world was created, but this wood burning set from Plaid is wonderful.  It has several tip attachments and even a knife.  A hot knife is perfect for cutting foam core board!  Also, a wood burner is a great way to get a teenage boy interested in crafting--my sons love it!  It smells like delightfully burned wood too...I love the smell of wood burning--do you?
This project is part of Craft Lightning--Crafts that can be done in 15 minutes or so!

You will need:

Wood Burning Set
Wood Slices
Patterns, print outs or just a pencil
Before plugging in the wood burner, check that the tip is twisted in tightly.  Then plug it in and get it warming up.  Print off your desired patterns, or just freehand draw on the wood slices.
Here's a great transfer trick:
Turn the pattern paper over.
Fill the back of the paper with pencil graphite.
Turn over and place on the wood slice, then trace around the image.
Then graphite rubs off from the backside and leaves the pattern on the slice!
Then use your hot wood burner with the wide chisel tip...
And trace the image with the burner.  The wood burner takes a little getting used to, because it follows the grains of the wood and jumps around a little bit.  Just don't touch higher on the tip...or anywhere where it is metal!
Use the narrow tip of the chisel to trace around the edges to give a crisp finish.
Same thing on the other shapes!  It's fast work to trace an outline and fill the inside.
Finish them off with some spray sealer and use them for summer coasters or just cool decor pieces.  Drill a hole and hang them like a garland!  Perfect craft for Star Wars week!
Have you used a wood burner before?  Let it cool down completely before changing the tips.  I love the fine point tip, perfect for small details.
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Unknown said…
Love wood burning, and these turned out SO cool!
Angie Holden said…
Such a great idea! Thanks for joining!