Mod Podge Napkin Mug Handmade Gift Idea!

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 Mod Podge Napkin Mug Handmade Gift Idea!

Handmade gifts are my favorite part of the holidays. I love the thought and care that goes into making flips the attitude of "getting gifts" to "giving gifts" and I love it. Adding your own touch to a gift makes it more meaningful. The recipient can think of you every time they use the thing you gift them. But budget is the biggest hindrance to gift gifting. I'm super frugal and love to find gifts that fit the handmade, inexpensive and quick categories! This cute Mod Podge Napkin Mug fits all three...and it's great for all skill levels, seriously, this is one that kids and grown ups will love.
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Complete this cute gift idea with some goodies, hot chocolate and cream...or the recipients favorite blend. This Mod Podge mug is made with Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge, which means it should hold up on the top rack in the dishwasher...however, I haven't tested it. I just hand wash anyway. 
I love mugs, so adding a personal touch to them is such a fun gift! Just fill with goodies and wrap in cellophane with a big bow for the perfect office, neighbor, grandparent or friend gift!

Supplies Needed:

13 ounce Mug (I love the 13 ounce size with oversized handles)
Napkins (Floral Napkins, Buffalo Plaid Napkins, Snowflake Napkins)
Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge
 I found these cute floral napkins at the dollar store. I used 2 different is blue and yellow and one is pink and green. I think they work amazingly together and wanted both the color schemes on the mug. Use scissors and cut the napkins into 1 inch squares.
 I used one blue napkin and one pink napkin. Cut them all up before beginning the gluing process.
 Then use the Dishwasher safe Mod Podge and paint a small section of the mug. Then place a piece of napkin on the Mod Podge and paint over the napkin. Repeat the process of painting, placing and painting all over the mug.
 Alternate the different colors and patterns. Let the napkin pieces overlap a little and set them on the mug at different angles. This chaos is fun and whimsical. It's a great craft for all skill levels and all ages. The more random it looks, the better!
 Leave the top inch of the mug free from napkin and Mod Podge for ease of drinking out of the mug later. Continue adding napkins around until satisfied. It seriously takes 30 minutes or less for this fun craft project.
 Then set the napkined mug aside and let it dry. The colors are vibrant and they don't even feel like napkins anymore! This cute mug is perfect for warm morning drinks or as an ornament on any desk...filled with chocolate of course!
 See how the combination of the blue and pink napkins just works?
 I know this mug doesn't look like the Winter holidays at all. I might be throwing a little fit because I miss Summer...but I like to make handmade gifts that are good all year long. Everyone still loves florals, right?
This mug idea is so simple, you can make them in every pattern you can find! This Mod Podge technique works on other surfaces you could make mugs with matching coasters!

That's it! Super simple and so cute!

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