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Faux Calligraphy on Wood Slice!

Faux Calligraphy on Wood Slice!

I got these fun brush markers in exchange for this post.
Brush lettering is huge right now.
It can be intimidating to just jump into Calligraphy.
 A great place to start is with faux calligraphy.
Using a dual brush marker is fun.
The brush tip is great for actual brush lettering and the thin end is perfect for faux calligraphy.
These tips fray fairly easily, so I only recommend them for faux calligraphy.
And for doodling florals.
So start with the thin tip and write in long, flowy cursive.
(forgive the f that looks a little like a b)
Practice in pencil if you feel more comfortable.
Go slow and make the letters connect.
Now, for the faux Calligraphy.
Every place where you do a "down stroke", you are going to make that part thicker.
So I used a pink marker to show you, slightly exaggerated, where the downstrokes are.
Then fill them in with the thin tip of the marker.
Big thick lines for the downstrokes and thin lines for the upstrokes!
You did it!
Now try it on something fun, like a wood slice!
Just write out the desired word or phrase.
Add the thick lines!
You are on your way to lettering all sorts of fun decor, signs, and art!
Just start!
This is the best time of year to buy cheap school supplies, so get some markers and practice!
So much fun and so rewarding!
Here's another tutorial of mine on faux calligraphy...it's fun to see
 because even I have gotten better in the last 2 years!
 I love to see progression!

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