Log Slice Pencil Holder!

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Log Slice Pencil Holder!
Add a rustic and natural touch to your desktop with this log pencil holder!

 You will need:
A log slice (about 4 inches tall and 4 inches wide)
Drill and 1/2 inch spade bit
Possibly a pencil.

 I found this log at a campsite.  It was just too adorable to burn.
You could use any size log and make any amount of holes you want.
Imagine a 24 piece set of colored pencils all arranged in a log slice...aw, heaven.
I pretreated the log by baking it in the oven at 275* for about 30 minutes,
then turning it over for another 30 minutes.
It needs to dry or it can crack as it dries out over time.
 I lightly sanded the top of the log.
Get your 1/2 inch bit locked and loaded.
 Drill the first hole directly in the center...then space the other holes at least 1/4" away.
Don't drill all the way through the log.  Just down about 2-3 inches.
The point of the bit is the center of the circle.
 7 holes fits great in a log this size.
It's perfect for my scripture marking sticks!
 One hole at a time.
 I love drilling--and seeing so much saw dust just pour out!
Work outside for easy clean up!
 If you haven't used a spade bit before it takes a little practice, but it is really fun!
 All 7 holes about the same depth each.
 Perfect and ready to fill!
This would be adorable with those wood stick pencils!
 Alas, my colorful crayons, ready to mark!
 This would make a great Father's Day gift too!
Filled with fancy pens for Dad!
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