Super Mario Brothers Party!!!

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7:08 PM
"Best Birthday Party Ever!" said Ryan...
We did have a fantabulous party!
Dan turned 9 last week, and has never really had a "friend"
birthday I insisted this year!
I think I got more into it than he did...

We did the Super Mario Brothers theme!
(loosely based on Mario Bros. 3 for those of you like me)

We had 16 kids come...
They had to go through the obstacle course in
order to earn their Mario mustache...
World 1: Grass Land
Hop across 4 blocks...while carrying a padded sword
World 2: Desert Land
Use padded sword to hit the angry sun...
World 3: Ocean land
Use a rubber band gun and hit target of King Koopa
Then use the "warp zone" to get to world 4!
They carried a balloon through the slip n slide to use in big land.
World 4: Big Land
They popped the balloon they carried on this chair...
World 5: Sky world
They got a straw and a cotton ball and had to blow
the cotton ball across the tramp...
World 6: Ice Land
Reach into the bucket of ice cubes and pull
out a marble to use in Pipe Land!
World 7: Pipe Land
Race the marble through the track...
World 8: Fire Land
Back at Fire Land they roasted hot dogs and
marshmellos for lunch!
They were awarded with mustaches!
Even the girls loved this part!

Testimonial story:
When we were setting up for the party, it was slightly 
breezy and we worried that the party wouldn't be as fun.  
Hailee asked if we could say a prayer.  We did.  
We took the table cloths off the tables...
so they didn't keep blowing around...
kids don't care anyway.  And we had a terrific party.  
After the kids began to leave the wind picked up and it was very windy.  
When we got all the games and festivities cleared up it started raining.
The Lord loves his children, even to allow them a
couple nice hours for a Mario Brothers birthday party!


Tracy said…
HI Nat -- I linked up after you at Tip Junkie today and following the rules of visiting 2 blogs who linked before me.

LOVE the Mario party. My son is 14 now and out of the Mario brothers stage but at one time he was quite obsessed with the game. This is a fun party.
Thanks for the pictures I really enjoyed them.


Craft Junkie Too
Great party idea! I linked up after you on tip junkie. Hopefully Lego Star Wars will grow old and we move on to Mario Bros. Really cute!
Jamie said…
What a cute idea!!! You put a LOT of thought in to that. Great job!!!