Super Mario Brothers Galaxy Luma Pillows!

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6:00 AM
 We love Super Mario Brothers!
I am an old-school Nintendo girl.
I loved bringing guys over to my house when I was
 in high school...and totally kicking their butts on
 games like Mario Brothers 3, Contra, and Zelda.

So, by nature, my kids love Nintendo too!
We love Super Mario Galaxy.
And we love these chubby stars called Luma's.
My 9 year old wanted to make something
 for his siblings for Christmas...I wanted it to be FREE!
We picked Luma pillows!
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We drew a pattern out on paper.
(When making a pattern, make it about a half inch 
bigger than you intend it to turn out...allowing for seams)
Pin onto fleece and cut 2.
(we had scrap fleece in our fabric bin...but you can usually find remnants at fabric stores for cheap!)
Sew the 2 layers (right sides touching) together.
Leave a 2 inch hole on the side to stuff with cotton.
(you could handstitch the whole thing, but I quickly sewed it on the machine)

Danny did all the stuffing...
And hand sewed up the 2 inch hole...
 He made 4!  
(1 for himself, and 2 for siblings and 1 for me!)
 The next night we cut big black and small white ovals
 out of felt and used liquid stitch glue for the eyes!
Perfection!  And they match his pajama pants!
He was so proud to give them as gifts for Christmas!
It was wonderful!



Oh my goodness, we love Nintendo too! We used to play Dr. Mario. Your pillows are fun & creative. Thanks so much for linking up on Fabulous Friday to Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust.

Warmly, Michelle
Very cute! I am in the middle of a room redo for my boys and they picked Mario! They would probably love these.
Das versuch ich auch mal. Sehr hübsch :-D