Legend of Zelda's It's dangerous to go alone 8-bit Link Shirt DIY

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 Legend of Zelda's It's dangerous to go alone 8-bit Link Shirt DIY
Legend of Zelda is one of my favorite games of my childhood.  Maybe because the Nintendo cartridge was GOLD and looked so special...or maybe because of the amazing 8-bit graphics.  I loved it, in fact, my son and I played the original game together this year when he was sick.  We beat the both quest phases...with some map help from Google.  How did we do it when we were young?  I received products from Cricut and Nintendo that I feature in this post.  Cricut Affiliate links included.
I was lucky enough to attend a Nintendo event for local bloggers last week and had to make everyone a shirt to wear for the event.  Check out my shirt here.  Nintendo showed us the newest handheld device, the 2DSXL and gave me one at the end of the night...it's mine, but I share with my kids.
Photo credit: Melinda Jae Photography
So let's make the shirt that made it all happen:
You will need:
Iron on Vinyl in Black, Brown, Green and White
Cricut EasyPress
EasyPress Mat
Upload the image at the end of this post into Cricut Design Space™ and reverse the image to cut iron-on vinyl.  Place your iron-on on the mat with the plastic side down.  Then cut the image.
Weed the excess vinyl and prepare your shirt by heating it up with the EasyPress for 5-10 seconds.  Then place the brown Link on the center of the shirt.
This is a big image and needs to be heated in 2 parts.  305* for 25 seconds.
Let the vinyl cool and remove the plastic cover.  Then place the white vinyl for the face in place.
Cover with the  Cricut's Iron-On Protective Sheet and EasyPress again.
Cool, remove plastic by peeling it back over itself.

Next, place the green vinyl in place.
Cover with Cricut's Iron-On Protective Sheet and EasyPress again.
Let it cool and add the text under the image.
Cover with  Cricut's Iron-On Protective Sheet and EasyPress again.
Let the vinyl cool, remove all the plastic covering and it is ready to debut on an epic adventure!  My son got loads of attention at the Nintendo party because of this shirt...mostly because it was florescent yellow--but still.
Right click to save off these files.  Personal use only.  Upload them into CDS and save as a cut file.
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