Super Mario Brothers Shrinky Dink Necklace for Video Games Day!

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6:00 AM

Today is Video Games Day!
(I think it's like a national holiday or something...we should have work off!)
Anyway, I decided to get my geek on and make something
 inspired by my absolutely, all-time favorite, video game.
Super Mario Brothers.

I like all the Mario brothers games.
Favorite is Super Mario Brothers #3!
I love Tanooki Mario...and frogger...and the leaf that turns you into 
a racoon and lets you fly as long as you are pumping that button!
Bowser was terrifying with all his fire ball rage.
Princess Peach (Actually Princess Toadstool back then) was worth saving...

Okay, enough talk.  Here's what I did.
I printed off this picture collage... 
Just a collection of great pics and some 8 bit charm.
I printed it right onto SHRINK PLASTIC...for printers!
Then cut out all the little guys and punched a hole in them.
Then I baked them according to directions...
350* oven for about 1-5 minutes, until they curled up and flattened out again.
Then I let them cool.  Cool.
 Then I added some jump rings through the holes
and linked them onto a ball could use whatever...or make keychains.
*nerdy gift alert*

 The jump rings are tight enough that they
wont slide around on the chain.

Turned out great!  Some glare, but totally video gametastic!
 I can hear the arcade soundtrack every time I wear it!  :)
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