Legend of Zelda 12 Hole Ocarina!

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 Legend of Zelda 12 Hole Ocarina!  #ocarinaoftime
I received this 12 hole Ocarina at a hugely discounted price in exchange for this review.
This is something I wanted to get my husband anyway...so I am absolutely thrilled!
First of all, we are geeks.  We love Legend of Zelda so much!
(Like my kids were "Link the Wolf" and Midna the Twilight Princess for Halloween in 2006)
 Second, my husband loves flute instruments and is good at playing them.
I purchased him a plastic ocarina, or "potato flute" about 3 months ago.
I knew a ceramic one would have much better musical quality...and I was right!
Plus, it's really pretty.  It's a great display piece.
So, just like Link,
You can play the Ocarina too!
Check out my hubby doing a simple scale.
It makes a beautiful sound!
If you are interested in Legend of Zelda and musical instruments,
this is a really fun way to bring those video games to life!

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