Legend of Zelda Easy Pinata DIY!

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Supplies for this post are from the one-stop party shop: Oriental Trading!
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 Legend of Zelda Easy Pinata DIY!
This week here at Doodlecraft is all about the Legend of Zelda.
It's like my second favorite old school Nintendo game.
So my son wanted a Link inspired birthday party but there's not a lot out there ready to use...so lots of DIY's come in.  Here's a great way to customize a pinata for a birthday party.
 You will need:
Simple round pinata from Oriental Trading
Paper, markers, printouts

 I cut out 3 bright color rupees and outlined them with Sharpie.
 Then I just taped them right to the pinata!
Could there be an easier party supply???  I think not!
 Fill with candy and get ready to bust it open!
 I used a site called BlockPosters to blow up this picture of Gannon in warthog form for the other side of the pinata...that way the little boys would have fun defeating the end boss!
 Perfect way to DIY a pinata to fit your exact party needs!
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Come back tomorrow to check out more Legend of Zelda fun!

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