Legend of Zelda Heart Containers Love Notes!

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 Legend of Zelda Heart Containers Love Notes!
I love the old school Nintendo one...you know...
this one:
 Absolutely loved this game!
I know where all the secret rocks, bushes and trapdoors are.
I love finding that little fairy!
And I love finding heart containers!
Well you start out with only 3...and every hit takes away half of a heart!
 Here's the printable I designed.
Just right click to save off...print out in color...I printed onto cardstock...cut page into 4ths...
and trim the edges down to 4 x 5.25"
 I use a paper chopper that I heart heart heart.
Then just tape the heart container pic to a half sheet of black cardstock.
(5.5 x 4.25" when folded in half)
 I taped the edges and an X in the center...slight overkill, but those hearts aren't going anywhere.
 Place on center of card.  Gives it a 1/4" thick border.
Looks awesome!
Now write on it with a silver or gold pen and send it to someone!
The perfect love note!

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