Mario Brothers 8-Bit 1-Up Mushroom Shirt DIY

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Mario Brothers 8-Bit 1-Up Mushroom Shirt DIY
One of my all time favorite Nintendo games is Mario Brothers.  I've gotta say, I love #2 the most!  But #3 is a close contender.  This 1-up mushroom is fun for everyone that sees it.  Nearly everyone instantly recognizes it!  We were lucky enough to attend a Nintendo event, so I had to make shirts for everyone to wear!  Check out my shirt here and my son's Link shirt here...more to come.  This post features and reviews goods I received from Nintendo and Cricut, with Cricut affiliate links.
Photo credit: Melinda Jae Photography
For the mushroom shirt you will need:
Iron on Vinyl in black, green and white
Pink Hoodie
Cricut EasyPress
EasyPress Mat

Heat up your EasyPress and cut your Iron-on Vinyl.  Remember to mirror the images and place the vinyl on the mat with the plastic protective surface down on the sticky part.  Upload the image at the end of this post into Cricut Design Space™ and reverse the image before cutting.
Weed the excess vinyl.
Warm up the shirt for 5-10 seconds with the EasyPress and then place the white image on the shirt with the plastic side up.
Place the EasyPress on the vinyl and heat at 305* for 30 seconds.
Let it cool and peel the plastic off by rolling it back over itself.
Next, place the black outline on the white vinyl.  Line it up perfectly.
Repeat the heating process with the EasyPress.
Let it cool and remove the plastic.  Then place the green pattern on the cap of the mushroom.
Cover with Cricut's Iron-On Protective Sheet to protect the vinyl that is no longer protected.
Place the EasyPress on top and heat for 30 seconds.
Let cool and peel off the plastic.  Now you have a conversation worthy hoodie to wear to the next party!
Check out all this amazing swag from Nintendo!  My kids LOVE my new 2DSXL...yes, it's mine.
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