Forky Toy Story 4 Spork Hair Clip Craft DIY

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 Forky Toy Story 4 Spork Hair Clip Craft DIY

     Hi doodlecrafters, Forky + Toy Story 4 comes out next week, June 21st--are you excited to see it?  I have really loved the Toy Story series...maybe because I was just 14 (1995) when the first movie came out.  I've grown up loving Woody and Buzz.  I saw Toy Story 2 on a date when I was 18 (1999).  Eleven years after that when I had 3 kids and been married for 10 years, Toy Story 3 came out (2010).  It just feels like it's time for another movie, right?  And it's time for a fun craft!
     Don't I just look amazing?  My daughter gave me this fun idea because whenever we go to Costco and get free samples, she sticks the plastic spoons or forks in her hair...she's 15, so it's a statement.  I decided a hair clip is the way to go! 
      If you've seen the Forky Toy Story 4 trailers, you know that the show revolves around a little spork that Bonnie creates.  It's name is Forky...and he doesn't seem to want to be a toy. He is a comical spork, and easy to create with just a few craft items.  So he was just begging for this DIY craft. 
 This cute little craft makes the perfect hairbow to wear to the Forky Toy Story 4 movie next week!

Supplies Needed:

Plastic Spork
Blue and Red Dimensional Paint 
2 Googly eyes in different sizes
Red Pipecleaner
Alligator Hair Clip
Piece of White Felt
Hot Glue/Gun
     Sporks can be found at several fast food places, KFC and Taco Bell to name a few.  Our school district does a Summer lunch program and frequently give these spork sets to the kids with their lunches.  This dimensional paint is made for fabric, but it works fabulously on the plastic spork for Forky's face. 
One wiggly line for the eyebrows--unibrow.  I think the actual Forky from Toy Story is made of rolled out clay.  What do you think?
     Then leave plenty of space for the googly eyes and draw a blue lined mouth.  Most of the movie trailers Forky looks pretty upset or I did a slight awkward smile. 
 Prop the spork up on something to let it dry.  Then heat up the hot glue gun.
 Glue the giant eye on the left side and the smaller eye on the right side.
 Next, wrap the pipe cleaner around the neck of Forky and pull tight.  
 Bend his awkward elbow and then accordion fold the end of the pipecleaner to make 3 little fingers.
 Repeat the process for the other arm and fingers.
 Next cut a piece of felt the size of the alligator clip.   Hot glue the clip to the felt.
 Then add hot glue to the backside of Forky.
 Place him right on the clip felt side.
     Let the clip cool off and then add the especially large hairclip to your hair!  Forky's silly face and wonky arms are nearly greeting people that see it.  
     This Forky Toy Story 4 hair clip will become your favorite hair accessory, since it's a built in toy and friend!  You can take it a step further and add clay and feet to the spork, but I like Forky as is.
 What do you think?  Would you wear it to the movie...or a trip to Costco?  Haha!  I love it and it gets so much attention too!  It's comfortable to wear, not too heavy and makes such a fun and playful statement.  Mostly though, it's a quick 15 minute craft!  Thanks Bonnie!
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