18 Crafts to Make using Tombow Supplies

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18 crafts to make using Tombow art supplies

18 Crafts to Make using Tombow Supplies

It's no secret that I love Tombow products. This year I have been fortunate enough to be on the American Tombow Inc. Design Team. It's been something fun to look forward to each month, rather than wondering what horrors 2020 has in store for me next.

I love Tombow's high quality supplies. Here's some of my favorites, affiliate links:

Dual Brush Pens
ABT PRO Alcohol Based Markers
Fudenosuke Pens
Tombow Adhesives

Here's a round up of 18 projects made using Tombow Art Supplies:
Which one is your favorite?

Watercolor Galaxy Profile Pocket Notebook

Mini Paper Purse Favors

Pantone Classic Blue Cards
Create a stunning watercolor galaxy using Dual Brush Pens in shades of blue and turn them into handmade cards.

Wood Slice Mantra: 5 Minute Craft
Here's a fun homemade craft that takes 5 minutes to make! I love quick crafts and this Wood slice watercolor mantra sign is perfect. First off, pick something you want to write on yours!

Learn Bounce Lettering
How to write faux calligraphy or bounce lettering tutorial.

Candy Bar Wrapper
 Make a cute candy bar wrapper to gift as a party favor

Mermaid Scale Notebook DIY
 Make a mermaid scale notebook using tombow dual brush pens

Rolled Paper Flower Banner
Make a rolled paper flower banner for Spring with pastel cardstock and Tombow adhesive.

How to Fix a Calligraphy Mistake!

How to Fold an Envelope
Learn how to fold cute paper envelopes and matching cards using double sided paper. These cute cards can be sent through the mail and brighten the day of the recipient!

Handmade Rubber Stamp using MONO Eraser
How to carve a Rubber Stamp from a Tombow MONO Plastic Eraser DIY

Handmade Flower Cards
Handmade cards are so fun to make and these stunning floral cards look so fabulous. I am in love with flower stamps and love making floral themed cards. Make a stack of floral cards to have on hand for happy mail, sympathy cards, get well soon cards, birthday, anniversary or wedding cards. These flower cards can cover all occasions.

Galaxy Painted Crystals
Painting a watercolor galaxy is such a fun technique, and painting them in little crystal clusters is absolutely dreamy! Geometric crystals are so fun to draw and much more simple than you might think! This fun craft is easy for all skill levels and great for beginners.

Galaxy Silhouette Art
Paint stunning Watercolor Galaxy Silhouettes with the Tombow Creativity Kit.

I like, like you! Pop Up Heart Card
I like, like you! Make a cute Valentine Heart pop-up card using patterned paper, cardstock, Tombow Adhesive and Dual Brush Pens.

Watercolor Washed Stamped Cards
Make Watercolor Wash Valentine cards using Tombow Dual Brush Pens. Simply scribble on the blending palette, spritz with water and press on watercolor paper. Let dry and then use a rubber stamp image or draw a design of your own. Mount on a card base with Tombow Adhesive and then make a bunch more!

Coloring with Tombow ABT PRO Alcohol Based Markers
Tombow recently released the ABT PROs, a line of alcohol ink markers and they are fantastic! Alcohol ink markers are amazing. They are not great for hand lettering...but they are excellent for blending. They blend flawlessly with no marker streak lines left behind. They are super pigmented and come in an array of colors. They come in very pale colors too, which is awesome for light skin tones, hair, or just little details.

Simplified Handmade Cards
Simplified Handmade cards using Tombow ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Markers

Which one of these 18 crafts is your favorite?

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18 crafts to make using Tombow art supplies

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